June Lake Village Loop - Review Eagle's Landing Restaurant

 54 Miles north of Bishop to June Lake Junction


 Alpert trout

 Crab cake

 Full cocktail bar including local draft beer


The restaurant is located in a spectacular setting at the base of Carson Peak surrounded by waterfalls, streams and aspens.  The restraunt is in a huge great room with extensive windows and rustic wood.

Lunch consisted of crab cakes which were light and airy with no hint of fishiness; a touch of lemon infused spice.  Local Alpers trout was made into a pate served on rustic rye bread.  Coleslaw was served with both the trout and crab cakes, but it needed some kind of dressing to add some zip.

The bacon, lettuce, avocado, and tomato sandwich was made with fresh ingredients, but needed more tomatoes for a better balance of flavor.  The smoked, apple infused bacon was crisp, tasty and plenty of it. Fries are light and crispy, not greasy at all.

The waiter was attentive but in the background as he should be.

We met Robert, the manager and Ms. Connie Black, the owner, who also owns Snowcreek Athletic Club in Mammoth Lakes. We will interview her at a later time.